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Bed bugs are one of the intolerable issues that plague most of the houses including beds, cots, cushions, sofas et al. Spider’s expert team ride inspection with the ultra-detection method. It is not about only the houses, wherever they are, we are for you to eradicate their infestation completely.

As one of the pioneers in the industry with technology updated and science team, Spider constantly develops innovative ways to treat the bed bug infestation with multi-step processes. Spider’s multiple steps of bed bug control treatments include a collaborative and ongoing cycle of activities to detect, implement and monitor the treatment plan, which will be actually tailored to your needs.

Leaving one would-be mother bed bug will help infestation for 300 adults and 1000 new eggs within 3 months. So please do not think about the sin activity of eradicating them.

Bed bugs are devious and hard to find, such troublesome pests that annoy you while sleeping. In this busy mechanical world, sleep is the kind of medicine & therapy that everyone longs for it at end of the day. These bed bugs peep out only in the mid-nights as if they come for night shifts. However, Spider’s science team has undergone an in-depth study about bed bugs, that we assess the problem easily and mount a strategic solution in a quick TAT.

Spider’s highly trained professional team has ultra-eyes to find out the active infestation of those little beasts, and plan for a strategic solution to execute our ‘Ultra-Termite Control Process’. The process involves area assessment, solution implementation, and activity monitoring.

Bed bugs multiply quickly; wherein within just 4 months they can turn up to the number of 10000 in their strong infestation. In general, there are lesser numbers of ‘Bed Bug Detection Service’ in the market. As Spider is one among the unique, we do it. In order to find the root cause of those little devils, we dig out their hiding place first, secondly the solution plan.

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Fighting against pests involve more than just determination, wherein we – Spider Pest Control (P) Ltd with our decades of experiences provide effectively and zero side-effect pest control services.

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