Lizord Control Treatments

Lizards are one of the family members in every house nowadays. Whether you shield your house completely with nettings or any other protectors, lizards will be there either inside or outside of the house walls. In fact, people hate lizards because of its appearance, therefore they fear for both home’s aesthetic and its harmful habit of contaminating food by its defecation.

Sealing is one of the important tasks that Spider does to control lizards’ existence in your houses. We detect deep search at all the corners of doors, windows, water pipes, ventilation spaces, unwanted edges et al. This includes the listed above but not just limited to sealing access points, insulating foam, caulking, flashing, and steel wool.

Sanitation is one another important task where that is in your hands to keep your house clean with no pest infestations and dust. In order to keep your house clean, you need to call us on (any number) so that we remove all the initial stages of pest infestation, which leads to lizard existence in your premises.

It is not about the sticky traps or nosing, Spider follows a hierarchical method of lizard control treatment, wherein our experts hold years of industrial experience in controlling lizards.

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