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More than the male mosquitoes, female mosquitoes need more iron and protein from the human blood, which is more important for their reproduction. Therefore, they are deemed to be very intentional in biting the humans. Once having the human blood, they start seeking for dark places, say for black color clothes or anywhere where light is not there to lay eggs.

It is very important to keep the surrounding clean with no standing or stagnant water that include but not just limited to gutters, kennels, bird baths, dog bowls, waste containers et al. When you control all the discussed points, you will be free from mosquitoes for about 50%. In spite of the controlling measures, here we are to help you out to get rid of mosquitoes with our effective and harmless treatments.

Mosquitoes play important role in the number of human deaths for unidentified reasons and fevers than any other pests or insects. There are more than 160 different types of mosquitoes in the world. They can breed anywhere and spread diseases in open drainages, stagnant water et al.

Did You Know – Mosquitoes?

The can lay eggs averagely about 100 in the space of bottle cap size

They can carry deadly diseases such as Zika, West Nile et al

They cause welts and non-curable itching

They can lay up eggs of about 3000 in two weeks’ time

Our mosquito control solution implies its effectiveness immediately once we start executing it. The special polymer layer treatment helps to provide the active ingredient against any set of weather conditions. Therefore, we stop mosquitoes in laying eggs and spreading diseases.

  • We visit your premise and detect the origin with complete inspection by our professionals to plan for a customized treatment plan.
  • We start implying our execution plan to put a full stop for mosquito breeding and reproduction.
  • Our protection plan covers layers of treatments that create a zone of shield lasting for years.
  • We will not leave you with only the plan implementation, wherein we consider you as one of the parts in our family; therefore, we keep in touch with you regarding the treatment monitoring and often visit.

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