Industrial Pest Control

Fighting against pests in the industry premises is one of the challenging features that Spider ranks pioneer in such experience. Among the other pest control services avail on the market, Spider sets itself apart unique from unlike others with its highly trained, licensed technicians who are experts in industrial services. We state that safety is the first priority in order to perform the best pest control services for industrial sectors.

Industry sectors we cover are of:

  1. Food Servicing Industries

  2. Government

  3. Logistics

  4. Property Management / Real Estate

  5. Retail

  6. Other Industries

Pests destroy both businesses and buildings. Industrial settings like processing plants, warehouses, storage units, special economic zones et al can be difficult to maintain with pests-free wherein there are multiple factors available for limitless pest infestation. However, there are those little devils, Spider is there to detect, imply and execute the right solutions.

Our hands-on trained and scientific team provides the best industrial pest control services that include but not just limited to:

  • Fumigation Service
  • Smoke Fumigation Service
  • Fogging Service
  • Stored-products Insects Monitoring
  • Wood-borer Control
  • Snake Control
  • Fungus Control
  • Weed Control
  • Disinfection Control
  • Sea Transport Pest Control

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About Spider

Fighting against pests involve more than just determination, wherein we – Spider Pest Control (P) Ltd with our decades of experiences provide effectively and zero side-effect pest control services.

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