Commercial Pest Control

Pests come in many forms, therefore we innovate several forms of pest control. Spider always thinks about you to protect in not only the residential surroundings but also your commercial spaces. Appending below is the different level of services that your commercial space requires:

floor cleaning & drain control:

Spider’s Active Floor & Drain Cleaner is scientifically formulated and treated from the naturally occurring bacterial enzymes, in order to dissolve the greasy molds in & around pipes, crevices and crack areas.

In order to inhibit flies & other small pests without leaving the floor slippery, Spider’s floor & drain cleaner with natural & active ingredients stop the pests’ entry completely. Added to it, they are designed to break down the odor-causing germs & bacteria and help the surrounding not to breed the flies. We have a customized sanitized program that provides you the right solution to meet your requirements. To learn more about our scientifically and industry-practiced formulated Active Floor & Drain Cleaner, click here to reach out to one of our executives.

washroom care:

None will ever mind about the bigger size of your building, but if your washroom is poorly maintained, it will damage the impression.

Spider’s Wash Room Care products are formulated with active ingredients to keep your washrooms & restrooms clean all the day after cleaning, in order by reducing the germs multiplication through both odor contacts & manual contacts. Our cleaners have scientifically proven & treated compounds that lessen the pest pressure at your facility all the time.

complete odor control:

The atmosphere is everything for us; never mind what the mood is. Therefore, we provide environmentally responsible solutions that control odor, break the germs/bacterial multiplications leaving the area smelling fresh, and clean with 0.01% of pests’ attraction.

When you call us for Odor Control Solution, the team Spider visits you, does an inspection of the facility to identify the main source of the odor. Therein, we plan for a customized solution to implement the right odor-control technology for your business place. When the solution is set on execution, our Commercial Pest Specialists continue monitoring the solution effect, tweak the treatment whenever required, that also include but not just limited to battery replacements and product refills et al.

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Fighting against pests involve more than just determination, wherein we – Spider Pest Control (P) Ltd with our decades of experiences provide effectively and zero side-effect pest control services.

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